Customer Complaint management

Complaints handling procedure for customers.  have a documented procedure for filing complaints that is promoted to customers.

This procedure explains how a customer can file a complaint. A customer is able to make a complaint through different communication channels, e.g., in writing, in person, by telephone, by email, online, comment box, etc.

This procedure explain what the customer can expect as feedback to the complaint, and the expected timeframe for feedback.

The procedure is short, informative, and easy to use, and have an encouraging effect on customers.

Internal complaints handling procedure. 

The internal procedure define the roles and responsibilities of the employees related to complaints handling activities, the steps for handling complaints, and the system for documenting the complaints.

The main focus of the procedure is on quick resolution of complaints.

Steps for handling the complaint.

The procedure  includes a detailed description and instructions for the following steps:

1) Record the complaint. When your receives a complaint, it  recorded appropriately in our complaints system.

All complaints (phone calls, e-mails, hand-written comments from the comment box, etc.) are recorded by the corresponding responsible person.

2) Analyze the complaint. All complaints are analyzed initially in order to decide whether a quick resolution is possible or escalation is needed.

The complaints dealt with as soon as possible; however, a timeframe for quick resolution should be defined. If the complaint can’t be resolved in this timeframe, escalation of the complaint is required, and the customer will be informed that the complaint is being investigated.

3) Resolve the complaint. There are designated persons for dealing with complaints.The person should take into account are what does the customer want to achieve by complaining, and can he/she resolve the complaint or should someone else be involved?

4) Investigate the complaint. In cases when a complaint is escalated for further investigation, the decision making should be on a higher management level.

5) Close the complaint. The responsible person should communicate the resolution to the customer by their preferred method of contact and document the resolution in the system. The feedback to the complaint should address all aspects of the complaint and provide a detailed explanation of the proposed resolution.

If the customer doesn’t accept the resolution, the complaint should be re-opened and escalated for investigation.

If you want to fill a complaint form by hand you can download the following form.